My Favorite Films!

Overall I like a wide variety of films, with my favorites being steeped in any strain of romanticism.  Translation:  I love a good love story!

"Lost in Translation" (2003), directed by Oscar-winning Sofia Coppola.  This is my favorite film by far of all time.  It captures my moment to moment sentiments about life.  About celebrating the moments.  And living for those "moments that surpass our entire lives".

"The Virgin Suicides" (2000), also directed by Sofia Coppola.  An incredible debut film, and something really special.  Filled with haunting images, it extols the fragile beauty of life and the female spirit.  A great way to open the Millennium by looking back on the bittersweet era of the 1970's.

"The Claim" (2000), directed by Michael Winterbottom.  My favorite Western for many reasons.  It is set in the breathtaking Sierra Nevadas of Northern California, and its town of Kingdom Come reminds me of a favorite place, the ghost town of Bodie.  The elegiac soundtrack recalls the best Western scores of all time, such as "Once Upon a Time in the West".  It features a great cast of actors.  And it centers not on the conflicts between people,  but on the inner conflict within a person; not on gunfighting, but on redemption.

"Chasing Amy" (1997), directed by Kevin Smith.  Hilarious film that also happens to be a heartfelt Generation X romance.  Its ending, however, lingers on with you for days when you realize how much it hurts!

What I call the "car-rain scene" where Holden proclaims his love for Alyssa is my all-time favorite!  A bit of trivia: "BACH: PRELUDE #2 IN C MINOR" plays in the background during this key part of the film.

This beautiful scene--which features in my opinion Ben Affleck's best performance ever.

More trivia:  Quentin Tarantino of "Pulp Fiction" fame declared "Chasing Amy" his favorite film of 1997.