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Hello Web traveller!  My name is Raymond Sison.  Welcome to my dreamy little part of the Internet, which happens to be filled with the sea and the sand.  (I cannot imagine living far away from the ocean!)  I have many great loves, as you will see as my website grows--not the least of which is swimming.  I seldom feel as free as when I am in the water or on the beach.

If you are looking for a positive message, or for poetry, or possibly a nifty little new recipe, my site is for you!  I also love other languages such as Spanish, French, and Italian; cinema and music; world travel and cuisine; and nutrition, fitness, and sports.

Remember...You are only free so long as you remain faithful to your dearest ideals.  And ideals are like the stars:  you may never reach them, but you can guide your voyages by them.

ALSO:  Never stop learning new things and collecting new experiences.  And eat your fruits and veggies!

Above:  Seal Beach in Orange County, Southern California.  I spent my childhood near there, not too far from Disneyland, next to the strawberry fields of a town called LOS ALAMITOS.

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