Please visit this part of my site occasionally for new updates.  Also note that all poems here have been published and are copyrighted.  Please e-mail me for permission to use my work for any purpose.  Any unauthorized use is prohibited.

If you have come here for heartfelt poems of love and life that celebrate beauty and tenderness, you have come to exactly the right part of the World Wide Web!  Everyone has their own style of writing that bubbles up from inside themselves; mine is pretty much a romantic, clear, and straightforward style.

My advice on writing poetry:  Don't be afraid to do it; don't worry if you think you can't do it "well"; and allow the words to flow out of you, letting your thoughts go where they may...

As You Sleep Alchemy
To You, Midwestern Princess At Sunset
Lavender Negligee Onward (in both French and English!)
Every Legacy